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DWF to DWG Converter featured with converting DWF file into editable AutoCAD DWG file. AutoCAD not required. Batch convert is ready. Supports AutoCAD R14 thru AutoCAD 2012. There is a different version called DWF to DWG Pro available, which allows you to batch convert thousands of DWF into DWG in one go. Features highlight: Supports the new DWF v6.0 multi page specification; All DWF elements generated by AutoCAD "plot to DWF" are supported, including true type fonts, ellipses, arcs and elliptical arcs; If layers are saved in DWF, they will be recreated in the DWG; Extracts embedded Images from the DWF file; Automatically convert thousands of DWF files into DWG files in one easy step; High quality, high performance, and very easy to use.

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